Beta Zeta Chapter

at Kennesaw State University

Recruitment Information

What is recruitment like?

Orientation Night

This is the first thing you will do during recruitment and it will tell you everything you need to know for the rest of recruitment!

Round 1- Sisterhood

The first day of recruitment we'll give you a sneak peak into what makes us AOII! We want to show you how special our sisterhood is to us and how special each of our sisters are. For example, we'll tell you about our socials, date nights, formals, bigs and littles, sisterhood activities etc. Don't be nervous! We want to get to know you, so be yourself and you'll a have great time!

Round 2- Philanthropy

During these parties we get to share  with you our philanthropy and other community service opportunities. You get to see how AOII gives back! 

Round 3- Preference

This round is more formal and serious than the previous nights. You will be making your final decision about where your home will be!
It's exciting, but can be a very hard decision. During these parties we want to connect with you, and make sure you truly know who we are and how great of a fit you could be in our sorority. 

Bid Day!

You've reached Bid Day!!  Today you celebrate finding your perfect fit with your pledge class and all of the sisters of Beta Zeta! 

What do I wear?

  • The attire during recruitment is dressy casual. Most girls wear a cute sun dress and wedges, but you can also wear skirts or nice pants with a nice top. You want to look your best and dress to impress! Although wedges are cute, there is a lot of standing so if you don't have comfortable heels you can wear nice sandals or flats. If you want to wear wedges but don't know if you will be able to stand very long in them, bring the sandals or flats to change into when you have a break in between parties. 
  • For preference round the attire is a somewhat nicer. Most girls wear a nicer dress and pumps. Please don't wear a black dress on this night as most of the sororities, including AOII, will be wearing black. 
  • On Bid Day you will dress casual. Most girls wear white, black, khaki, or denim shorts and sandals.